Are Werewolves Overpowering Vampires? It Seems Yes, With A New TV Series Coming Soon

We're starting to think the vampire trend that's currently taking over pop culture is getting closer to being buried in the graveyard so that other supernatural forces (including fairies) can take the lead. Fresh off the paws of the announcement that Maggie Stiefvater's book about werewolves, "Shiver," is being optioned for a movie, comes word from Variety that a new TV series about the shapeshifters is also being developed for FOX.

"Howl," which will be exec produced by DreamWorks TV's Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, will center around clashing werewolf families in a small town in Alaska. So instead of "Men In Trees," think men in very hairy situations ... or "Men In Need of Razors"... we can keep these jokes going all day, don't doubt us!

The reason for choosing the very Northern chilly U.S. state (instead of say, Forks, Washington)? "Alaska is a place where people disappear and now you know why," writer Joshua Miller told Variety. The plotlines for "Howl," adds Joshua, will focus on "the psychology of living with change." Plus, there will also be elements that hone in on "metamorphosis and werewolf mythology."

Before "Howl" makes its way to a pilot, we're going to see werewolves clawing there way onto our TV screens with storylines on both "True Blood" and "Vampire Diaries," so is this too much of a good thing? Or, like vampires, do you just want to know more about the transforming creatures and their penchant for forbidden love? We're guessing that as long as there's at least one attractive male face attached to the script, you're nodding your heads yes!