'True Blood': A Slew Of Casting Scoops (Werewolf! Vampire!) Will Get You Blood-Thirsty For Season 3

Just because "New Moon" is dominating our vampire interests right now doesn't mean that we've forgotten about "True Blood," the gritty HBO vampire drama series that wrapped up its second season this summer. Filming on the third season — said to be filled with werewolves, shapeshifters and more insight into Sookie Stackhouse's spritely powers — is about to begin, which means that new casting announcements are also starting to flow.

Already, four new actors have been cast in "True Blood" this week in a variety of supernatural roles — even some human roles that sound rather raunchy. Here's a rundown of the four latest actors to join the show:

Theo Alexander:

Announced yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter, Theo Alexander (pictured above) — not to be confused with Alexander Skarsgård, of course — plays an "intensely beautiful" vampire named Talbot, who is the boyfriend of the vampire king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington (played by the previously announced Denis O'Hare). Anyone else want to bet that Talbot and Russell have a bone to pick with the drug-slinging Queen Sophie-Anne?

Marshall Allman

Also recently cast is former "Prison Break" star and recent "Mad Men" guest star Marshall Allman, who is taking on the series regular role of Tommy Mickens. Tommy is the long-lost shapeshifting brother of Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), who works at a tire store in Arkansas.

Grant Bowler:

He's not exactly Jacob Black, but Grant Bowler is nonetheless bringing in some werewolf action into the third season of "True Blood." The former "Lost" and "Ugly Betty" actor will play a werewolf named Coot who commands a menacing biker gang.

Shannon Lucio:

Finally, the beautiful and talented Shannon Lucio has booked an intriguing guest star role on "True Blood." Shannon, formerly of "The O.C." and "Prison Break," will appear as Caroline Compton, the wife of everybody's favorite vampire Bill (Stephen Moyer). Even though Caroline was played by Amber Dawn Landrum in a series of first season flashbacks, Shannon is going to take over the role for season three. Will she be in flashbacks only, or do you think there's a twist with her character?

There are still other roles to be cast, including a vampire named Franklin, a werewolf named Aclid and a "hot Latino orderly" named Jesus.

What do you think of the latest "True Blood" casting roundup? Let us know in the comments section!