'Glee' Recap: Episode 12, 'Mattress'

Let’s not waste any time getting to last night’s BIG moment, Gleeks! Because while “Mattress” was relatively light on the singing, it was heavy on the drama, including that one very pivotal scene. While looking for a tie for his yearbook picture, (more on that in a bit) Will stumbled upon terrible Terri’s fake pregnancy belly! Will flips his lid (and rightly so) and storms out on his wife. I’m sure, like me, you had been waiting for this to happen from the moment Terri started deceiving the oh-so-sweet Mr. Schue, but I had no idea it would be that intense, did you? Both actors (a devastated Matthew Morrison, especially) nailed just what a scary, sad, and life-altering moment that is, wouldn’t you say?

So, what were the incidents that lead to the defining blowup? As per usual, that troublemaker Sue Sylvester had a big part in it. Sue convinces Principal Figgins to leave the Glee club out of the yearbook (or as it’s known at McKinley High School, Thunder Clap) to leave space for advertising. Mr. Schue, determined to get his kids the proper recognition offers to pay out of his own pocket for a quarter page spot. Turns out, the fear of more taunting and a legacy of yearbook defamation against glee clubbers makes the gang not want to be photographed at all. With limited space (and no desire to be seen) New Directions nominates the always front and center Rachel (uh, she's even part of the Black Student Union!) to represent them in the yearbook.

When Rachel is left to her own devices to pick a co-captain she, naturally, winds up choosing Finn. He reluctantly agrees and the two wind up belting out their radio-friendly rendition of Lily Allen’s “Smile.” While the song wasn’t exactly fitting for the moment (it’s not really about happy smiles, so much as vengeful smiles) I couldn’t have been more excited to hear the tune get the “Glee” treatment. The warm fuzzies between the co-captains doesn’t last long when Finn ditches Rachel on picture day due to some unfriendly jocks giving him trouble in the locker room. Rachel decides to suck it up and take the picture solo and manages to snag her pals a spot in a local mattress commercial.

Cue the giddiest musical number on the show to date! The pajama-clad kids took the commercial into their own hands and gave it their own signature twist. While I was expecting Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams” or perhaps Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” (OK the latter would have been a stretch, but I bet they could have pulled it off!) they instead did a delightful version of Van Halen’s “Jump.” C’mon admit it, you jumped along on your bed while you watched it, too!

Of course it wasn’t all jumping for joy last night. When sour Sue blows the whistle on New Directions commercial, which technically no longer made them amateurs, it threatens to disqualify them from sectionals. The group was paid in mattresses, which was no longer returnable when Mr. Schue rested his tired head upon them after getting away from Terri.

Always putting their best interest before his, Mr. Schue agrees to not take part in sectionals so they can still perform. But, I have a feeling he’ll be there anyway though, don’t you? The big finale just wouldn’t be the same without the club’s biggest cheerleader. “Mattress” ended on an appropriately bittersweet note with a montage of the yearbook photos being snapped: the whole New Directions crew crooned the legendary Nat King Cole’s classic “Smile," with a melancholy Mr. Schue looking on. Even though our beloved gang do in fact get doodled upon when the yearbook comes out later on (poor Finn got the dreaded buck teeth treatment), it made us love them even more for it.

What did you think of this episode, Gleeks? Were you impressed with the way Quinn stood up to Sue? Is Will going to leave Terri? Will Emma decide not to walk down the aisle with Ken? Are you already mourning the fact that next weeks’ episode is the fall finale?