Robert Pattinson Is No Edward Cullen-- No One Is, According To 'Hills' Star Stephanie Pratt

It's hard to imagine now, but back when Robert Pattinson first landed the role of Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" movies, many of Stephenie Meyer's most loyal fans were angered by the selection of the relatively unknown actor.

These days, of course, millions adore the man they affectionately call RPattz. In comments sure to raise eyebrows among Twilighters, however, one famous fan recently told us that while she loves the story, she thinks it's far from reality.

"I don't think anyone is Edward in real life," insisted Stephanie Pratt of "The Hills," who is a hardcore "Twilight" fan and admits that she is a fan of Robert himself.

"I feel bad that people think he's Edward, because that definitely puts a lot of pressure on him," Stephanie said of Robert. "I mean, it's Edward, and then Rob."

Between her reality-show duties, Spencer's sis read all four "Twilight" books last year in a matter of weeks, and told us that like many fans she imagined the tall, handsome, endearingly old-fashioned vampire to be her ideal embodiment of a man. To Stephanie, not even RPattz's work in the "Twilight" films has been able to capture that — even though she admits that Rob is dreamy portraying ... well, just Rob Pattinson.

"[If I met him] I don't know if I would scream," she explained. "I think I would just kind of giggle and run away. I get really shy around cute guys. And British guys kill me."

So, although Edward Cullen may still look different in her mind, Stephanie said she remains "Team Edward" and has been really impressed with how the actor has navigated his meteoric rise to the top of Hollywood's ranks. "He's handling it really well," she marveled.

What do you think of Stephanie's thoughts on Robert and Edward?