'Hills' Stars Vote On Who Would Win The Ultimate Cat Fight: Kristin, Audrina Or Jayde?

By Lauren Joskowitz

We all watched Kristin Cavallari every Tuesday night as she stirred up the drama on this season of MTV's "The Hills." Kristin first reached her reality show stardom as the boy stealer and heartbreaker on "Laguna Beach," and this time around, she made her mark once again — on two of the show's token brunettes: Audrina and Jayde.

Kristin started the season off with her wandering eye on a motorcycle bad boy, Audrina's ex, Justin Bobby. Then, in the midst of her unstable relationship with Justin, she changed her mind and began pining for her ex (and Jayde's current beau) Brody Jenner. Audrina and Jayde were not happy (to say the least) with Kristin's homewrecking habits and made it pretty clear. So here's the question were contemplating now: Who would be the winner in a round of some butt kicking? Kristin, Jayde or Audrina?

For this dilemma, we had to go straight to the man mixed up in the dating drama! "Jayde is really tough, but so is Kristin," Brody said regarding a Kristin/Jayde rumble. "If I had to put money on it, I would say Jayde." While it would be a good fight, Brody admitted that Kristin's downfall would most likely be saving her hair.

On the other hand, no one seems to believe Audrina would ever win the fight. "Audrina would get her ass kicked!" Brody said. And Kristin seems to agree."Well, Audrina [would not win a fight against me]," she laughed. But "I think that Jayde would win just because I'm scared of her. Like, I can talk a lot of crap, but when it comes to like throwing punches, she's pretty tough."

Who do you think would win the hypothetical girl fight? Should Jayde and Audrina team up to battle Kristin?