Olivia Wilde Offers Tips On How To Get Her Fierce Look In Lucky: Cover Story

By Elizabeth Lancaster

Someone sexy enough to catch the eye of Megan Fox must have something outrageous to offer. As you can see Olivia Wilde has that je ne sais quoi, and exhibits that beauty in this month’s issue of Lucky magazine. The cover girl goes into great detail explaining the many ways she maintains her fierce looks, from clothes to beauty products. But it turns out Olivia’s focus is far away from Hollywood and Megan Fox, she has her heart set on fitting in with the Parisians, where she can explain her je ne sais quoi in its original tongue. "I find myself constantly pretending I'm a chic Parisian."

How does Olivia achieve this look? She takes Lucky readers through some of her favorites. She explains that a leather jacket is key to her image and feeling of confidence, calling it her “security blanket.” Back when the actress was up and coming as Alex on "The O.C.," she definitely utilized this piece of clothing to make her seem cool and confident, often sporting leather wear. The 25-year-old does say that H&M coats are her close second, describing them as “inexpensive and usually have something extra going on.” So I guess there is a chance for girls everywhere to have her super cool yet chic look for the holidays.

Olivia does explain you need to find the place where sexy meets sleek, and that is the key. Sexy met sleek when she was ranked #1 on Maxim magazines hot 100 in 2009. The #1 hottie does not rely on her good looks when looking for jobs, however. Her role in more serious films such as "Alpha Dog" and the show "House" were just reassurance that the stylish actress has just as much talent as she does good looks.

Want to internalize Olivia’s sexy inner and outward beauty? Lucky got the details and how she manages to perfect both. Check out her stylish picks for everything from her favorite Helmet Lang blouse to Jimmy Choo clutch. Just don’t forget to top it off with a leather jacket!