Anna Kendrick Assures Her 'New Moon' Fans That They'll Love 'Up In The Air': 'It's A Timeless Story'

Tsk tsk, shame on you Twilighters who missed the fact that Anna Kendrick is getting massive Oscar buzz when they weighed in on Fandango's recent poll. When MTV's Larry Carroll interviewed the critically acclaimed starlet at the premiere of her new film "Up In The Air" and told her Twilight Nation is "very excited" she might be the first "Twilight" vet to win an Oscar, her response was, "Oh? I thought they wanted Rob to win." Yes, she saw the poll results.

Luckily, Anna was very down-to-earth about the whole thing. "That's OK," she said about the results. "Everybody has their favorites, and ultimately I just hope some of the 'Twilight; fans will come see this movie. That's all I really ask for. I've done my job; I'm proud of this film."

The film is something to be proud of. "Up In The Air" is one of the top contenders for Best Picture this year, and director Jason Reitman and leading man George Clooney are both expected to get a Best Director and Best Actor nod respectively. Though "Up In The Air" hits theaters this week, it's been getting plenty of critical buzz already and, considering the breakout success of Jason's last film, "Juno," should do pretty darn well in the box office as well.

And, though "New Moon" will have been out in theaters for less than a month, Anna thinks "Twilight" fans will find something to like in it as well.

"It's a movie that appeals to everybody. It's a timeless story. It's a romance, but it's also about people who are trying to figure out what they want in their lives. Everybody goes through that," she said. "'Twilight' is more of a fairy tale, but this is a story about real people. And everybody likes that."

Though, considering the current economic climate, a fairy tale might be more what people are looking for than a movie about a man who fires people for a living. "Up In The Air" has an important message about awareness and personal happiness, though, that despite its ending is something at least this blogger thinks everyone should go see.

As for Anna, she said her main goal now that the film is out is to learn how to play pool. "I don't want to be one of those chicks in a bar that needs her boyfriend to set up a shot for her. That would be a life goal," she said.

But as far as boyfriends go, she knew one guy she wasn't going to be bringing to the "Up In The Air" premiere: Robert Pattinson. When asked if she tried to drag her "Twilight" costar along, she answered, "Just so I can have my eardrums bleed? No. Why would I do that?" Gosh, we love her.