'The Lovely Bones': Get A Chilly Preview With Our EXCLUSIVE Gallery Of Stills!

In just 10 days, we're finally going to get a look at the fantastical world the mastermind behind the "Lord of the Rings" saga, Peter Jackson, created for the drama "The Lovely Bones." If you're an avid fan of the bestselling novel — about a young girl who watches over her family from heaven after she is brutally murdered — then you're probably anxious to see how the filmmaker interpreted the afterlife and the characters who make the story so heart-wrenching.

Behold our exclusive flipbook of photos from the movie! Click on the photo below of Saoirse Ronan as the very pensive protagonist Susie Salmon and you'll be taken to our gallery, which includes seven new stills that illustrate goose-bump inducing moments from the tale. We won't blame you if the picture of the strange Salmon neighbor, George Harvey (Stanley Tucci), peeping through a window leaves you creeped out all day long.