Nick Jonas Preps For His Solo Debut & Eliza Dushku Mourns 'Dollhouse' In Today's Tweet Dreams

Wednesday is the new Monday! Well, that seems to be the case in Hollywood anyway. While most of us are halfway through our work weeks, it seems like some stars are just getting started today. Meaghan Martin tweeted about getting back to the grind ("First day back to work on 10 Things I Hate About You. I'm getting excited!!") and Jennette McCurdy got her Wednesday off to an early start, posting, "Calltime for the movie was 5 o'clock this morning! Been on set for awhile. Having fun." Elsewhere, Nick Jonas (pictured) prepped to kick things off with his side project Nick Jonas and the Administration (don't fret, JoBros fans, it's not the end of your favorite brotherly love band), who will be making their debut at tonight's "Grammy Nominations Concert Live!" Nick wrote via Twitter today, "This Is Going To Be Awesome!" and channeled his inner Black Eyed Peas by adding, "Got a feeling...That tonights gonna be a, good good night."

Maybe Nick's enthusiasm will rub off on "New Moon" and "Up in the Air" actress Anna Kendrick who seemed more anxious than excited, telling fans, "I'm doing the Today Show tomorrow morning so if you're up at 8am you can watch me trying not to be nervous : )" Sadly, there will be no smiles today from Eliza Dushku tweeting she is, "I'm mourning the death of Dollhouse, today" We've been mourning since we heard the news, Eliza!

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@mindykaling Not to go Carrie Bradshaw on people, but is it possible to stay a romantic on this planet? Do I have to move to Mars?

-Mindy Kaling, Actress ("The Office")

@stephaniepratt I look like I'm a couch from the1970's aka I'm wearing lots of plaid today. Oops went for the sherlock holmes look-didnt work out.. hahaha

-Stephanie Pratt, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@1capplegate Actually watched Don't tell Mom the babysitter's dead for the 1st time. Had forgotten how the early 90's produced such awesome eyebrows haha

-Christina Applegate, Actress ("The Rocker")

@emmyrossum Just heard a lady's cell phone ringer on the street as we passed.It was that BARBIE WORLD song.Woah.Remember? LIFE IN PLASTIC/ITS FANTASTIC!

-Emmy Rossum, Actress ("The Phantom of the Opera")

@hollymadison123I love the sound of slot machines in the airport. It's celebratory. Every day's a Holly Day!

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("The Girls Next Door")

@msamberriley After blowing chunks on the plane2day, the man in frnt of me says "love u on Glee" guess he thght it'd make me feel better!

*Kanye Shrug*

-Amber Riley, Actress ("Glee")

@evanhandler cough, sore throat, stuffy nose #27 of 2009. will it be the last, or is there still room for 28, 29, 30....?

-Evan Handler, Actor ("Sex and the City," "Californication")

@brendonuriesaysweird food idea: ready-made tuna in a squeezable tube. tube-a-tuna. comes in relish and onion... I don't know, sounded good a second ago.

-Brendon Urie, Musician (Panic! At the Disco)

@johncmayer Just once, I'd like to eat the right amount of tuna fish.

-John Mayer, Musician

@sethmeyers21 I think the worse thing about throwing a shoe at someone must be the walk home.

-Seth Meyers, Comedian, Actor ("Saturday Night Live")