Miley Cyrus On Her Personal Style: Likes Malls & Nicole Richie, Dislikes Dressing Up

Miley Cyrus definitely knows how to do tomboy chic. And, let's not forget she also knows how to glam up for a red carpet when she has to. But the superstar admits, she much prefers laid-back cool over having to get dressed to the nines.

"I don't like dressing up that much, even for dressy kinds of parties and stuff. I like being more casual," the "Hannah Montana" star told Seventeen, via "I would much rather come underdressed than overdressed."

The singer-actress admits that you won't see her indulging in her love for shopping online, she's a go-to-the-mall-herself kind of girl, even if it means being plagued by the paparazzi. "I love instant access; I'm an instant gratification kind of person. That's why I don't shop online, because I can't wait for the three days for it to get to me," she said. "One day we were driving with my sister, and we went to the army surplus store, and the paparazzi were extremely confused, especially when I came out with a bunch of shopping bags."

What won't you see Miley shopping for ever? High-waisted pants. She gets it, but isn't a fan. "My least favorite trend would definitely be high-waisted jeans. I like wearing my jeans low with Converse, and I was just not a fan. When I started designing with Max [Azria], we did high-waisted shorts, and I said, 'Okay, I can rock these.'"

And, Miley is lucky to be able to hang with equally stylish people like one of her style icons, the queen of BoHo chic, Nicole Richie. "I share a stylist with Nicole, so it's really cool to see something from her line and be able to ask Nicole where she got it or what her inspiration was," Miley said. "I'm in a cool position where the fashion icons that I have are available to me, and I can learn from them."

Are you a fan of Miley's style? Why or why not?