Kelly Cutrone's New Bravo Series Gets A Premiere Date, And We Get Career Advice From 'The City' Star

Kelly Cutrone might be bringing "Kell on Earth" for her new Bravo reality show starting February 1, but "The City" star is still happy to talk about her enjoyable experiences working with Whitney Port. She says that even if she didn't employ the fashion designer at her PR firm, People's Revolution, she'd still want her to succeed.

"Even if I wasn't employing her, I would still be in her corner. ... The reason I've done that is because she's showed through her commitment to tasks, working really hard in my agency, that she was worthy of that interest — of me sharing that side of myself. That's why I became a mentor, because she would go that extra mile for me ... and she would give her best."

Ever wonder how to become the next Whitney or Kelly yourself? Well, Kelly gives you her perfect advice: follow your dreams. "Your dreams are b---busters; they're not the yellow brick road, and you have to really understand, most of our life we're following this carrot to find out who we're not," she said. "Allow yourself the chance to make a lot of mistakes. And after you do, pick yourself up and keep on trying, 'cause if I quit every time I was bad at something, I probably wouldn't have made it through high school, so keep going."

Want more advice from Kelly? Click on the video above to see what she has to say!