Nicole Richie To Bring On Laughs With A New ABC Sitcom

By Nuzhat Naoreen

Back in the day, Nicole Richie was known mainly as Paris Hilton's party-girl sidekick on the "Simple Life," a reality show that forced her to live with "commoners" and work odd jobs, aimed at teaching two spoiled girls a thing or two about the unprivileged life. Well, that was then. Now, Nicole, who has since settled down with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, is making her return to TV in a big way.

According to Variety , the actress is all set to star in a half-hour ABC sitcom, in which she'll play a career girl dealing with family issues. Did we mention that Nicole, who will get a producer credit, came up with the concept behind the show? She definitely gets added props for that! No word yet on the title of the series, but we're looking forward to watching Nicole in a comedy, which, if her previous reality show exploits serve as any indication, seems to be her strong suit.

Besides the upcoming sitcom, Nicole has also been working hard on a novel and a new clothing line. Nicole…working hard? Looks like she may have learned a thing or two from her "Simple Life" days after all...

What do you think of Nicole getting her own comedy series? Funny haha or funny weird?