'Vampire Diaries' Killer Casting News: 'Dexter' Daddy James Remar & Actress Kelly Hu To Guest Star

It seems like we've been getting new casting news from "The Vampire Diaries" set basically every other week, and despite the lack of new episodes (boo!!), this week's no exception. According to Kelly Hu's own Twitter account, the actress has begun shooting a guest spot on the show. (She tweeted on Sunday, "1st time in Atlanta 2 shoot Vampire Diaries. Thot I was going 2 get mugged walking home from Whole Foods. That's ok, I know karate.") TV Fanatic has dug a little deeper and discovered that she'll be playing Pearl, the Mystic Falls apothecary, in a few flashback scenes. "Going door to door on sales visits she stops at the Salvatore residence and meets Katherine. Unaware of what Katherine is, she tries to sell her vervane and quickly finds herself in danger."

Since Kelly's played her share of law enforcement officers, soldiers, and superheroes, somehow I don't think Pearl will give in to Katherine very easily. Perhaps we'll be seeing another vampire return to town? Either way, we know she's fierce enough to hold her own against Katherine. Kelly's not the only one with a new spot on the show — it's not the typical “Vampire Diaries” hot guy casting news, but it’s just as amazing: James Remar, who plays serial killer Dexter’s dad on the Showtime series “Dexter,” will also guest star on the CW series. TV Guide reported last week that James is set to begin filming his scenes as Giuseppe Salvatore, Stefan and Damon's father, this Wednesday.

My first question is clearly to wonder whether the Salvatore patriarch is a vampire too, but James answered that pretty quickly. "Not at the outset, no," he told TV Guide. So it's a no, but not exactly a definitive answer — it sounds like there's room for the writers to revisit the story in future episodes. And since he isn't going to be a vampire in the episodes that are shooting now, we know that we'll meet Papa S. in a flashback. (Or do we? From that whole Bonnie/ghost possession thing, we should have learned that you never really know anything when it comes to this show.)

James said he got the new gig through "VD" showrunner Marcos Siega, who has directed episodes of "Dexter" in the past. I'm hoping James will bring some of the fatherly matter-of-factness he taps into while playing Harry Morgan on "Dexter" to his new set. I also have another "Dexter"-related job suggestion: can't he get "Dexter" writer-turned-"Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to vouch for him when they start casting "Breaking Dawn"? Stephenie Meyer introduces a ton of characters in the end of that book. Surely she can find some sort of role for the guy.

Speaking of "Dexter," James' character has been extra full of advice this season as Dexter juggles his new family with his murderous ways, and it's all about to come to a head in the season finale, which James makes an appearance in. "I have a big scene in the last episode of the season," he said. "I can't say anything out of respect to the audience. But watch!" We can also catch James playing an unscrupulous arms dealer in an upcoming episode of "Numb3rs."

What do you think about the latest "Vampire Diaries" casting news? Do you love "Dexter" as much as we here at Hollywood Crush do? How do you think James will fare as Giuseppe Salvatore? Will Kelly nail her part as Pearl?