Emma Roberts On Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner In 'Valentine's Day': 'They Just Had To Make Out'

Leave it to an actress known for portraying Nancy Drew to do a little sleuthing into Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner's performances in the ensemble romantic comedy "Valentine's Day." When we caught up with 18-year-old Emma Roberts at the "New Moon" premiere, she spilled the contents of her detective notebook, dishing about her day watching the rumored couple on set.

Though Emma had no scenes with Taylor Lautner, the "Twilight" fan made sure to be on set while he was filming. "They just had to make out," she recalled of the Taylors' scenes together. "That's all I saw. Then I left."

Wait! So she just sat around all day watching them suck face? "When you say it like that, come on!" Emma laughed, adding that she did spend some time with the pair. "They were both really cool. I hung out with them a little bit."

Though "Valentine's Day" hits theaters in two months (read our trailer review here), little is known about the Taylors' role in the rom-com that includes Hollywood heavies like Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx and Bradley Cooper.

It's been reported that the pair may be playing their high school's prom king and queen and the two have been spotted sporting track-and-field uniforms in addition to everyday casual wear. Maybe we should add a "Valentine's Day" trailer including Taylor Lautner to our Christmas wish list.

What do you think, Crushers? Are you excited to see Taylor and Taylor onscreen together?