Miley Cyrus To Star In 'Rock Of Ages' Movie? Not Yet, But Director Adam Shankman Loves The Idea

Miley Cyrus might be a product of the 90s and her dad's achy breaky heart, but apparently the teen queen feels an incredible amount of love and nostalgia for the bygone, spandex wearing era of the 80s.

That's probably why she had an 80s-themed 17th birthday bash earlier this month in New York City featuring the cast of the Broadway musical "Rock of Ages." She also visited the cast backstage after a performance, but just because she's hung out with the show's crew, doesn't mean she's ready to star in the flick based off of the hit show.

Though her "The Last Song" producer — who helmed the movie version of "Hairspray"is set to bring "Rock of Ages" to the big screenAdam Shankman said there are no plans to have Miley star in his adaptation, but he wouldn't be against it.

"It's way too soon," Adam told E! News when asked if she'd like to come on board or if he'd like to have her join the cast. "I love it, though. She went to see the show and she loved it and then I had to email her and say, 'I hear you're starring in my movie. Fantastic! Congratulations!' It was just so crazy. She saw the show and that was all."

So, be honest, tell us if you'd like to see Miley get her 80s on for the flick?