Taylor Lautner's Hosting 'SNL' Soon, So We've Come Up With A Few Perfect Sketch Ideas

In case you were knee-deep in Stove Top stuffing and green bean casserole last week and missed the news, "New Moon" hottie Taylor Lautner will be hosting "Saturday Night Live" December 12 with musical guest Bon Jovi. Though we, along with many Twilighters, had been campaigning for Robert Pattinson to secure hosting duties, we couldn't be more excited for the 17-year-old to grace the Studio 8H stage. In fact, we've even dreamed up a few sketch ideas for the star. "SNL" scribes, we hope you're listening!

1. The inevitable "Twilight" parody

We know it's going to happen, the only question is how will it? Though several humorous scenarios ran through our minds (Taylor as vampire!), the one that tickled our funny bones the most was seeing Taylor cast as Bella Swan (just like his maybe girlfriend Taylor Swift was when she hosted!). I mean, come on, he already has the wig for it! With Andy Samberg as Edward Cullen, any moment from either the first or second film would be hilarious, but we're hoping for the Volterra scene from "New Moon." Taylor splashing through a fountain and running into the arms of Andy would be epic.

2. Cougar Den

There's no denying that Taylor drives those Twilight Moms crazy, so a "New Moon" edition of the "Cougar Den" sketch — the talk show hosted by horny 40-something women on the prowl for younger men — only seems fitting. Here's hoping Kristin Wiig has a pair of Taylor undies hiding in her bureau.

3. Taylor "Pantieless" Lautner

Speaking of Taylor panties, one of the funnier aspects of shapeshifting that "New Moon" the movie didn't touch on is that the shifter's clothes end up ripped to shreds after morphing, meaning when they take human form again they're very much au naturel. Well, what if in some bizarro world that were an everyday occurrence for Taylor? What if he spent an entire sketch "naked" behind a bush begging for clothes while passersby gave him dirty looks or asked for his autograph? Funny, right? Added bonus: It would get the hunk out of his shirt, which is always a good thing.

What do you think of our skit suggestions, Crushers? Have any to add?