'New Moon' Wolf Taylor Lautner To Host 'Saturday Night Live' On December 12

Granted Thanksgiving is only hours away, but Christmas is coming early for "Twilight" fans since it was just announced that Taylor Lautner is going to be hosting "Saturday Night Live" on December 12. Musical guest Bon Jovi will be performing along with the star.

Taylor is one of three Crush-worthy stars Entertainment Weekly announced today. "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively will be hosting on December 5 with Rihanna, and James Franco will be hosting on December 19 with Muse.

It's hard to forget that Taylor's unconfirmed girlfriend Taylor Swift hosted "SNL" only a few short weeks ago. It's also hard to really consider them not together seeing as she acknowledged the fact it is rumored they are dating with a wink and a kiss. Our fingers are crossed that he will acknowledge her back.

TSwift's "SNL" had an awesome "Twilight" spoof called "Firelight" about the Franks, and we can only assume with the success of "New Moon," Taylor will get his own set of jokes against the record-breaking franchise. Either way, we're sure with the beefy vamp on the show that episode might break some records of their own. And maybe even encourage hunky "SNL" regulars Andy Samberg (drool!) and Bill Hader to built some bulk of their own. The gauntlet is thrown!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!