'Glee' Stars Talk About The Importance Of Being Losers & Hint At 'Something Big' To Come

When you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and you're asked what some of the things you're thankful for this year are, you can go ahead and be honest and just say, "Glee!" After all, the series has made people thankful for Wednesday nights again, and for bringing back moments of spontaneously bursting into song. No one is more aware of fans' joy over the show than the series' stars. CNN.com chatted with Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester) and scene-stealer Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester) about how "a cross between "The Breakfast Club" and "Grease" has struck such a chord with television viewers.

Matthew, who cut his teeth on the Broadway stage in shows like "Hairspray" talked about the unexpected success of "Glee", stating, "We're all set on a goldmine, and we're all excited and honored. It's hard to talk about it because it's such a special show and we're so happy to be a part of it." He also attributes shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "American Idol" for paving the way for the show's success. The actor also touched on the touchy subject of the cast being cut from tomorrow's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, saying, "I read about it on the Internet. I think they spun the story really well for 'Glee.' They didn't help NBC's cause, but I think it's interesting. But we're chugging away, and it's better for us we don't."

So, is Jane Lynch as rough around the edges as her fictitious counterpart Coach Sylvester? While she admits it is fun to bark those hilariously blunt one-liners, she leaves it all at work at the end of the day, " I'm a nice person after I leave 'Glee' because I get to exercise the heinous behavior while I'm in a track suit yelling at defenseless children." Aside from the musical aspect of the show (Jane calls the show "the home of American musical theater") she thinks it's really the underdog storyline about the band of merry misfits that his tuners singing their praise, "I think it's important for us to see the loser aspect of ourselves, reflected on television ... We like to root for the underdog. And these are a bunch of kids who in spite of getting slushies thrown in their faces every day and being maligned ... the high school culture. ... They show up to every day dutifully to glee club and sing their hearts out and support each other. I think that's something all of us want to root for, and we love music."

Neither Jane nor Matthew dropped any clues about upcoming episodes (Matt responded with a straightforward, "Something really big happens. I think that's the really exciting thing about the show. I'm not going to tell you anything") but judging from this interview, the kids of McKinley High aren't the only ones with something to sing about.

Will you be tuning in for tonight's new episode? What did you think of the interview with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison?