Adam Lambert Explains Every Second Of His Controversial American Music Awards Performance

FROM MTV.COM: As it turns out, two of the most controversial moments of Adam Lambert's American Music Awards performance on Sunday night were total ad libs. That's what Lambert told MTV News on Tuesday, when he sat down to discuss the show-closing set that turned him into a global Internet sensation all over again.

"That wasn't in the original choreography," Lambert explained of the bit where he took a male dancer's head and shoved it into his crotch to mimic oral sex. "I was supposed to look at him, and I just grabbed him. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think he would have been cool with it. ... It might look real forceful, but we all respect each other and were doing it in the name of the show."

Lambert also said that he didn't know he was going to grab keyboard player Tommy Ratliff and give him a rather full-mouth kiss near the end of the run through "For Your Entertainment," the title track to Lambert's just-released major-label debut.

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