Thank You, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Zooey Deschanel For Being So Cute In '500 Days Of Summer'

Though our favorite actor of 2009 — the super-fine Ryan Reynolds — dominated the romantic comedy box office returns this year with "The Proposal," it was another lower-profile love story that won our hearts: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel's "(500) Days of Summer." This boy-meets-girl tale follows the couple, he a hopeless romantic, and she a woman who doesn't believe in true love, through their tumultuous, yet refreshingly realistic, love affair. (If you haven't seen the flick yet, be convinced by our five reasons why you must check it out NOW.) In honor of the pair's contribution to cinema this year, we sat down with Joseph and Zooey to not only thank them personally but talk about what it's like to work together and whether they'll be doing it again.

If you were following the indie film scene back in 2001 (weren't we all?), you know "(500) Days" was not the first time the actor's shared a screen. Nearly a decade ago the two worked together on "Manic," a dark drama following trouble teens living in a juvenile mental ward. When we asked the pair to recall what they thought of each other upon meeting, they couldn't have had nicer things to say. "I just thought he was so cool," Zooey said. "He was so cool and such a great actor. So intense. Very different--a different sort of role in our first movie together than you and I were playing in ['(500 Days']."

"You have to understand the context of when we met, it wasn't for '(500) Days of Summer,' it was for 'Manic,' which we did almost 10 years ago, and we shot it on really cheap cameras," Joseph explained. "And it was this really heavy drama, and I was playing this guy that was so angry that he would beat people up, and she was this oasis of warmth and love and melted my heart right away."

With such great chemistry onscreen and off, a third film collaboration seems like a no-brainer. "I've been so lucky to work with Joe twice," Zooey enthused. "Book-ending the aughts. And hopefully, it will be more frequent."

"Into the teens. And the '20s," Joseph added

Having mastered drama and broken hearts in romance, what genre is left for the actors to conquer? Screwball comedy! "Something snappy. Something funny. Something with some musical elements," Zooey said of the kind of film she hopes to work with Joseph on next. "I think there might be some music," he added. "There might be some dance in there. Some songs." We have no doubts that they'll "Make 'Em Laugh."

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