'New Moon' Scribe Melissa Rosenberg On Making Victoria The Cause Of Harry Clearwater's Death

When MTV sat down with "The Twilight Saga" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, one of the big questions she addressed was the inclusion of Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) as the reason for Harry Clearwater's (Graham Greene) death.

"In the book, Harry Clearwater's death, heart attack is mentioned as something that's off screen, although it plays a crucial role in the structure of the books," said Melissa. "Reading that it was Harry Clearwater's heart attack it just gave me the idea of, why don't we see this? Stephenie [Meyer] doesn't specify what caused the heart attack, so I decided, well, you know, if could be caused by something startling him. It could be caused by fear."

As Melissa said, in the novel there is no explanation for Harry's death, just how it worked as a plot point. By adding that it was a sighting of Victoria while he and Charlie were "hunting" for the wolf pack that set off the heart attack doesn't violate Stephenie's story, and instead adds a new dimension to that moment.

"It was a way to keep Victoria alive, it was a way to keep Charlie and the hunt alive, the danger to Charlie alive," said Melissa, "and that's where we get a really great action sequence with Victoria that all blends together with important parts of the movie and bring parts of the book forward. I particularly like that."