Ryan Reynolds, Thank You For Being Awesome In 2009 (And For Giving Us A Scoop On A 'Proposal' Sequel)!

JigsawHis native Canada may have celebrated Turkey Day a few weeks ago, but we'll wager our Aunt Bertha's candied yams that it's not too late to give thanks to our favorite actor this year: the talented Ryan Reynolds.

It's plain to see why the 33-year-old takes our Thanksgiving honor. Rockin' bod aside (you saw those abs on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, right?), the actor scored big this year with the summer blockbuster "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and established indie cred alongside Kristen Stewart in the coming-of-age "Adventureland." And then there's "The Proposal," which holds the title for highest-grossing romantic comedy (in the U.S.) ever, leading us to wonder whether Ryan's the new king of the genre. But the star certainly isn't sitting on his laurels, throughout 2009 he lined up several high-profile projects for the coming year including an "X-Men" spin-off featuring his Wade Wilson/Deadpool character and the lead in DC Comics' "Green Lantern." When MTV News caught up with Ryan to extend our congratulations on his well-deserved honor, he reflected a bit on his stellar 2009.

"It's been probably the most unbelievable year of my life," he said. "Starting with setting some goals that I didn't think would be possible several years before, running a marathon, getting married — the year has been incredible, all across the board. The fact that 'Green Lantern' is something that's about to get going full-steam pretty soon, and then there is 'Deadpool' on the horizon as well. If you asked me if this would be happening three years ago, I would have kick-f---ed you back to where you were from."

Though we love when Ryan kicks butt, we have a particular weakness for his massive funny bone, which meant we just had to ask about his super-successful summer rom-com. Surprisingly, even though he and Sandra Bullock go way back, he wasn't sure their friendship would translate into onscreen chemistry. "Chemistry is something that either does or doesn't happen," he explained. "We discovered that on the first day of rehearsal, and that's when we stopped rehearsing and decided to save it for film."

So will we be seeing a "Proposal 2" walking down the aisle any time soon? Probably not, though the actor did say he'd like to team up with Sandra again. "We wouldn't do a sequel, but we're looking for something to do together again," he said. "Everyone used to do it back in the day. I'm not comparing us to [Spencer] Tracy and [Katharine] Hepburn, but they worked together all the time. So hopefully we can find something that works."

Before you dive head first into your turkey dinner, check out our entire Q&A with the "Proposal" star.

What was your favorite Ryan Reynolds movie of 2009?