If You're A 'Twilight' Fan And Adore Stephenie Meyer, Then We've Got The Video For You!

Thanks to our brother blog, Splash Page, we've been able to give you exclusive peeks at "Female Force: Stephenie Meyer," the comic book biography of the famed "Twilight" author. But now, we have something even better for you to chew on: an exclusive (and very dramatic) reading of the comic book for your own at home entertainment.

Set to ominous music and read by a MTV News staffer (who, uh, prefers to remain anonymous), the video below will take you through the pages of Stephenie's life and how she came to birth the Saga that would go on to make her a household name. So, if you don't feel like you've given the woman behind Edward, Jacob and Bella enough of a pat on the back yet, then here's your chance!