'New Moon' Style EXCLUSIVE! Your Ultimate Guide To The Costumes, Part 3: The Volturi

For the third and final part to our exclusive interview with the woman behind the "New Moon" wardrobe closet, costume designer Tish Monaghan, we're heading to Volterra, Italy where beneath the Tuscan sunshine lives a coven of vampires who posesses incredible power ... and style. After you venture to Europe, don't forget to travel back to Forks for our look at the costumes of Edward and Bella and Jacob and the Cullens.


Tish’s starting off point for creating the look of (very old) Volturi? “What I did originally was go back as far in antiquity as I could to where there were visual representations of judicial gowns in sculptures and paintings. I wanted to find something that the audience would recognize as an official robe, but still have the flavor of the 14th or 15th century.” The heavy wool robes were made by the costume department, though each had a different kind of trim and sleeve detail.


“There’s this whole color reference to the Volturi,” the costumer explained. “Aro (Michael Sheen) is the pinnacle of the power structure. He has to wear the blackest of black of black. That’s dictated in the script. Everyone else that works with him moves away from the deepness of that color scale. Whoever is closest in power to him, is nearing his colors.” Here, Michael wears a Zegna suit, purchased in Canada after the actor tried on five others. “We wanted something that looked very slick, very well fitted, with beautiful fabric.”


Tish said she chose to outfit Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower, center) in that red scarf because she wanted a color tie-in to the festival happening outside the Volturi chambers — however the paisley one pictured (purchased in Vancouver’s Little India) wasn’t the original candidate for the job. The night before filming, the one-of-a-kind scarf that Tish planned to use was the unfortunate victim of an aging experiment. “I wanted to make it look a little bit old, which involved putting it in cool water and hanging it up to dry.” Instead, the accessory shrunk and had holes in it. “I still have it with me — I use it as a reminder!”

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“In my mind, I was envisioning a sweet/evil Little Red Riding Hood,” Tish said of dressing Dakota Fanning as Jane. “There were no specifics in the script given to the time period that she emerged from. I just chose to go after a Victorian look from the 1880s to 1900s.” It was Chris Weitz’s idea, however, to attach the extra cape to Jane’s custom-made wool grey hooded coat — a piece that was over-dyed to make it more black “because she is one of the most powerful of the group.” Paired with Dakota’s outer garb was an off-white Philip Lim dress (that we never see) and Mary Jane shoes by Camper.

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After using men’s fall runway shows as a reference — Jill Saunders, Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen provided the best inspirations — Tish says she was able to construct a silhouette that matched the minimalist feel she wanted for the 10+ Volturi guard members’ (like Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore, pictured) “very heavy” wool coats. “I wanted them to look like statues.”

For more on the costumes — and to hear Tish describe them in her own words — press play below. And don't miss the rest of our "New Moon" style guide: Part 1 (Edward and Bella) and Part 2 (Jacob and the Cullens).

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