Is Zac Efron The Next Leonardo DiCaprio? Claire Danes Thinks He Could Be

By Nuzhat Naoreen

When it comes to co-stars, few young actresses are as lucky as Claire Danes. "The Romeo + Juliet" star got to work with Leonardo DiCaprio back when he was just making his mark on the movie industry, and now she gets to film alongside rising Disney star Zac Efron for the upcoming flick "Me and Orsen Welles". Now, we've definitely noticed that Zac and Leo have a lot in common (and by a lot, we mean that they're both really, really handsome and go by three-initial names). But apparently Claire has noticed some similarities too.

"They're obviously both very gifted," she told MTV News. "They're both charismatic and gorgeous." Yeah, we got the gorgeous part. That's not all though, Claire also added that the two also approach their careers similarly.

"They're also very discriminating in their choices," she said. "They're very discerning and have great taste. They're really serious and want to make great movies as well as great performances. So there's that parallel there. And Zac is really formidable and he's going to be around a long time."

We're sure Zac is loving all the comparisons, especially since he recently told Time that Leo is an actor whose career he admires the most.

Do you think Zac Efron is the next Leonardo DiCaprio?