'New Moon' Cast Reveals Some Of The 'Eclipse' Scenes They Can't Wait To See

By Nuzhat Naoreen

What can die-hard "New Moon" fans do after they've finished watching the movie for oh…lets say the 10th time in a row? Look forward to the next one of course! Stars from "New Moon" recently revealed their favorite scenes from the upcoming "Eclipse" to MTV News.

So what can fans look forward to? Well for one, they can expect to learn a lot more of the Cullens. Nikki Reed said that "Eclipse" will delve into her character Rosalie's tragic backstory with a sequence from the 1930s. "I think they want to see the Cullens' history. It gives me the opportunity to explain myself," said Nikki.

While actor Peter Facinelli whet our appetites with this tiny detail about the usually reserved Cullen clan: "You get to see them be what they can be as vampires." We can't wait!

For Ashley Greene, though, the most exciting part of "Eclipse" is the fighting chops she gets to display as Alice Cullen."I'm really excited to see my fight sequence," she said. "There's some playful moments between Jasper and Alice that I'd like to see. They take parts of your character and put it into your fight sequence, so mine's kind of a Cirque du Soleil-ish sequence, so I want to see it."

Kellan Lutz, is also eager to see his character Emmett kick some butt. "We went through the six weeks of fight training ... and they trained us so well that we just dominated our choreography moves," he shared. "And they're going to look really cool." We bet! With just six months to go until the release of "Eclipse" dare we say it's time to start the countdown?