'Letters To Juliet' Trailer: Big Chunk Of Plot Exposed, But We're Still Falling For This Love Story

I caught this trailer before the "New Moon" midnight screening Thursday night (yes, I was one of those people) and right off the bat, my heart stopped at a sight that can be summed up in three simple words: Gael García Bernal "Letters to Juliet" caught my attention at first sight. Add to the fact Amanda Seyfried is the film's leading lady (a young actress who is shaping up to be the next big thing between this and "Dear John") and I'm in.

The big problem with the "Letters to Juliet" trailer is it falls into the popular trend of giving away the entire film in two and a half minutes. It's hard to even say that the brief synopsis I'm about to give is a spoiler, considering it's something I figured out from watching the trailer the first time.

Amanda and Gael are engaged and go to Verona, Italy on what can be assumed is vacation. For those of you who aren't up on your Shakespeare, it is the setting of the classic "Romeo and Juliet," and Amanda's Sophie visits a wall where people leave, you guessed it, letters to Juliet. Here she finds a letter from a woman named Claire, who wrote to Juliet in 1957 asking for her advice after not meeting her beloved Lorenzo. Sophie writes back, and Claire's grandson, Charlie (Christopher Egan) comes a-knocking.

Sophie and Charlie fall in love as Sophie falls out of love with her fiancé, all while trying to find Claire's Lorenzo. The problem is, the triumphant reunion with Lorenzo is shown in the trailer. And I'm pretty sure Sophie and Charlie's reunion is shown in there at the end as well. Either way, at least it was a perfect fit for Taylor Swift's "Love Story," which I'll admit I can't quite hear enough of (especially when I pretend she's singing it about Taylor Lautner). And Summit Entertainment comes full circle!