'Eclipse' Director Tweets About 'New Moon' & Celebs Keep Weighing In On Adam Lambert In Tweet Dreams

The popularity of "New Moon" doesn't seem like it will be slowing down anytime soon, not at the box office nor as a Twitter topic. Of course, Twihards will be happy to know that the film's cast and crew are more than appreciative. While Taylor Lautner doesn't have his own Twitter (unacceptable!), the official "Twilight" twitter page passed along a message from him to fans, "From Taylor - Thanks for your incredible support of New Moon. Your passion for The Twilight Saga is the sole reason we're #1 across the world!" It seems no one is more psyched to be taking the helm of the next chapter than "Eclipse" director David Slade who wrote, "The wild success of New Moon this weekend is both humbling & exciting as we continue Post on Eclipse. Thanks to you lot for the support." Ah, just seven more months to go ...

But, the "Twilight" family weren't the only ones with something to be thankful this weekend (if only we a had a holiday to celebrate our gratitude ... hmmm ...), just ask non-vampire cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt (pictured). The "(500) Days of Summer" star took over hosting duties on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and all that hard work certainly paid off (did you SEE that opening monologue?) JGL took to his Twitter to give love to the home of "SNL," posting, "Good bye, New York, thanks again..." No, Joe, thank you!

Check out the rest of today's big topics in the Twitterverse, including celebs thoughts on the Adam Lambert AMA controversy, "Call of Duty", and wacky Thanksgiving plans! Don't forget you can follow us all the time @hollywoodcrush for all the latest on your favorite stars!

@solangeknowles i've never heard ANY of Adam Lamberts music. Never watched American Idol, but loving the series of tweets about him this week. Rock on Adam!

-Solange Knowles, Singer

@thisisrobthomas who cares that adam lambert kissed a guy? i care that he was pitchy. he has a better voice than that.

-Rob Thomas, Musician

@krisallen Congrats @adamlambert on the new album! Everyone go get it.

-Kris Allen, Musician

@michaelurie Who's got the weirdest thanksgiving plans?

-Michael Urie, Actor ("Ugly Betty")

@kevin_nealon Thanksgiving Day dinner list: locked doors; check. Lights out; check. Phone disconnected; check. Well hid under the bed; check.

-Kevin Nealon, Comedian, Actor ("Aliens in the Attic")

@danecook The day after Thanksgiving I'm headed 2 Honolulu, Hawaii. Big show & little vaca finally w/ cool people.

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Employee of the Month")

@pink oooooh 65 minutes of cardio means more room for pizza. pizza pizza.

-Pink, Singer

@omarepps How do people read while their on the treadmill?? Makes me dizzy...

-Omar Epps, Actor ("House")

@robkardashian Call of Duty is callin me... Spent the nite without it...

-Rob Kardashian, Reality Star ("Keeping Up with the Kardashians")

@davidabwilliams Pajama party tonight. wooop

-Davida Williams, Actress, ("Lizzie McGuire")