'New Moon' Style EXCLUSIVE! Your Ultimate Guide To The Costumes, Part 2: The Cullens & Jacob

Our trip down memory lane with "New Moon" costume designer Tish Monaghan continues today when we take a sartorial magnifying glass to the wardrobes of the Cullen family and boy wonder Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Don't miss yesterday's look at Edward's and Bella's costumes either!


We know those Cullens are basically perfect, but one modification was made to the family’s closet for "New Moon." "Chris wanted to stay away from them looking as pastel as they did in the first film," Tish explained. “He thought they stood out too much. So he wanted them more of the world, but set apart within the color palette — so, just in cool colors.” Here, Alice (Ashley Greene, left) wears a blue dress by Rebecca Taylor and Rosalie (Nikki Reed, right) wears an Eli Tahari design.


One part of Tish’s design aesthetic for “New Moon” was making sure characters dressed in clothes that suited their back-story. For instance, you will always see Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) in cowboy boots — at Jackson’s request. “Jackson’s from Texas and so is Jasper,” she noted. “He was a major in the civil war, so that’s the thing he always holds on to.” Here, Jasper (center) wears a John Varvatos sweater, a Hugo Boss shirt and J.Lindeberg jeans. Emmet (Kellan Lutz, far left) is in a custom made vest, Hugo Boss shirt, Diesel Jeans and flaunts a Cullen Crest cuff. Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) wears a pale purple dress from Club Monaco.

Get the look (Esme): "Two Way Crinkle Chiffon Runway Dress" by Rebecca Taylor ($228)


“Peter [Facinelli] himself likes to think of his character as inspired by Paul Newman or Robert Redford,” Tish noted. “So he’s always dressed casual, yet put together.” Here, after Bella's birthday turns bloody, Carlisle wears a Theory suit and a Paul Smith shirt. Bella wears a dress made by Tish, which has since been replicated by Hot Topic for $98.


“She’s like this pixie-ish character, whimsical and fashion conscious,” Tish said of Alice’s style. “She’s a girly girl, and wherever you can add details to her clothing it really helps cement her character — like when she’s in school I gave her the pretty neck scarf and the hand warmers and long sleeves. The blue jacket was from Zara.” On the right, in the scene when the Cullens vote on Bella’s vampire fate, Alice wears a blouse from Teenflo in Vancouver and J Brand Jeans.

Get the look (blue jacket) "Tullette Drawstring Jacket with Pockets" from Tulle ($27).


Tish says her inspiration for Alice’s ensemble on her adventure to Italy with Bella was Audrey Hepburn. “I was thinking, how can we cover her up fashionably?” the costumer recalls. “I wanted to get her long gloves because I knew she was going to be driving in this Porsche, which initially we thought might be a convertible.” After finding the “perfect” coat (by Michael Kors), Tish decided on Theory pants, red leather gloves from the Italian fashion label Gala, a Banana Republic scarf and “Jackie O” Ray Ban sunglasses (which you catch a glimpse of when she first enters the Volturi lair).

Get the look (red gloves): Preston & York Ruched-Cuff Leather Gloves from Dillard's ($48).


When the werewolf wasn’t shirtless, Tish says she outfitted him in Banana Republic and GAP t-shirts because “they fit really well and they had a little bit of stretch to them.” And if the site of Taylor’s bulging biceps had your hearts pumping, that was intentional. “We tailored his t-shirts so they showed off his muscles,” she explained. “We specifically made his shirts a little tighter, a little shorter and the sleeves a little bit too short, like he was growing out of them.”


That forest scene on Jacob’s tee (a graphic the “New Moon” costume department custom designed) was meant to be a tad literal, according to Tish. “The director said, ‘Why don’t you give him something that has a wolf on it?’” she remembered with a laugh. “It was as something that symbolized what was to come but didn’t hit the nail on the head. We tried not to make it so obvious but it did have a moon, a tree a very small image of a wolf.”

For more on the costumes — and to hear Tish describe them in her own words — press play below.

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