Taylor Swift ... What A Doll! (Literally!)

By Nuzhat Naoreen

As far as fairytales go, Taylor Swift is living a pretty good one. Besides having a hugely successful music career, the young singer (she's turning 20 in December!), has already graced the covers of leading magazines, signed on to work on a line of greeting cards and embarked upon the movie industry. Did we mention that she's somehow managed to maintain a squeaky clean image throughout it all? There's no doubt that moms love her and kids want to be her and so it comes as no surprise that someone has finally decided to turn this girl into a doll.

That's right, thanks to toy marketer Jakks Pacific, you can now purchase your very own and very plastic Taylor Swift (right in time for the holiday season!). The choices range between the "Taylor Swift Performance Collection," which includes three dolls, each featuring snippets from her hit songs, and the "Taylor Swift Fashion Collection," with outfits from her memorable award show and TV appearances. Lets just say we called this one, when we nominated her to play "Barbie" in the new live action movie a couple of months back!

The dolls, many of which come with props like miniature guitars or hairbrushes, are being sold on Amazon for about $15-$20, with a few ranging higher at around $50.

The collection is recommended for 6-year-olds, but we won't tell if you pick up one up for yourself too!

Will you be buying a Taylor Swift doll? If yes, which one?