'New Moon': Sightings Of Victoria Made Us Sorely Miss Rachelle Lefevre

For those of you who have seen "New Moon" already (and I'm assuming that's most of you out there), you'll know Rachelle Lefevre's Victoria gets a lot more screen time in the film than she does in the book. MTV got a chance to sit down with "The Twilight Saga" screenplay scribe Melissa Rosenberg and ask her about the decision to have a visual instead of just aural Victoria.

"Movies are such a visual medium," said Melissa. "To just be talking about Victoria, or to be hearing about her, isn't visceral enough. You have to actually see her and see the threat that she is; I wanted to keep her alive throughout, so that you knew that the danger to Bella was alive. I also had so much fun writing for her there are a couple of action moments in the middle of the movie that are really fun, and I really wanted to have her in there. It also keeps the pacing of the movie, to see her and to have those conflicts."

But maybe it would have been a better decision to keep her out of the film visually, since Rachelle has already been replaced in "Eclipse" by Bryce Dallas Howard. I don't know about the rest of you, but while watching "New Moon" and seeing Rachelle's Victoria lurking in the trees and in the background of the film (and with that gorgeous red hair!), I kept getting excited, thinking, "Yes! More Victoria in 'Eclipse'!" and then realizing with a feeling of resentment toward Summit that Rachelle wouldn't get the chance to follow through her character into her biggest role in the novels.

Though "Breaking Dawn" has not been cast yet, thus far Victoria is the only character whose actor has been changed throughout the three films. Like the "Harry Potter" series, the directors have been switched up for each film, but unlike "Harry Potter," Summit seemed to have no qualms about dumping Rachelle (yes, we know Richard Harris was replaced by Michael Gambon, but that's because he passed away, which we consider a good excuse). Imagine if Alan Rickman was replaced as Snape half way through, or Tom Felton was replaced as Draco Malfoy. Not only would all the time that those actors spent developing their characters be wasted (like Rachelle's), but the continuity of the films would be thrown off.

Granted, all my chest-thumping is for naught because "Eclipse" has already finished filming and Bryce Dallas Howard is cemented as Victoria for her biggest role on screen. But, while watching the big climax of the film with Bella's cliff-jump, Harry Clearwater's heart attack and the wolf pack chasing Victoria through the woods (wonderfully set to Thom Yorke's "Hearing Damage"), it really hit that we were going to be missing out in "Eclipse." We'll miss you, Rachelle.