'New Moon': Props To Chris Weitz's Subtle Humor With That Virgin America Flight To Italy

It's Monday, November 23, 2009, so since "New Moon" has been out for about three and a half days, I'm assuming everyone reading this has already seen the newest installment of "The Twilight Saga." Twice.

So if you've seen it, you've probably noticed the fact Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Alice (Ashley Greene) flew on a Virgin America flight from Washington to Italy. As Larry Carroll pointed out when he wrote up his "New Moon: Five Fun Facts You Didn't Know" back on November 9 (yes, he got to see it almost two weeks before we did. Unfair!), Virgin America doesn't offer flights from Seattle to Italy. In fact, Virgin America doesn't offer flights to Italy at all.

We cried foul with blatant product placement, but the more we thought about it the more we realized how the "Virgin America" plastered on that flight was much more than just paid advertising. In fact, it was actually really funny and smart.

The reviewers who having lovingly given "New Moon" a 29% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes said the film suffered because Chris Weitz played too close to the book (which is true, but is also the reason why Twilighters loved it this weekend), but the plane is an example of a witty deviation from what Stephenie Meyer wrote.

The overarching theme of the vampire/human love story is abstinence, both literally (Edward won't have sex with Bella until their married) and metaphorically (he also won't turn her into a vampire until she's got a ring on her finger). Ah, so we're talking about abstinence, hmmm? So maybe about some virgins in America?

So we're giving props to Chris on this one. There was more than just this instance during "New Moon" where it transcended being a page-by-page adaptation and turned into something special ("Face Punch," anyone?!), and this was one of them. So when you go back to see "New Moon" for your third, fourth, and fifth time, keep an eye out for the tail end of the plane and laugh to yourself at how you still have two more movies to wait until Bella and Edward can't be flying any "Virgin" airlines anymore.