Got 'New Moon' Fever? Us, Too-- So We Imagined A World Where 'Twilight' Dominated All Of Pop Culture

"New Moon" has now earned it's place in box office history — as the movie with the third-biggest opening weekend of all time (with $140.7 million and still going). It's obvious to us (as it has been!) that this franchise has thus earned a permemant place in your hearts.

We've kind of been getting a bit of "Twilight" fever over here at MTV (can you blame us?) and in turn it made us ask ourselves: what would the world look like if the characters in the movies took over every facet of entertainment? Alas our Total "Twilight" Takeover photo gallery was born. When you click on the photo of Robert Pattinson as — yes! — the King of Pop and Taylor Lautner as — yes! — Michelangelo's David (that bod is not far off from Jacob's, right?) below, you'll be transformed into a alternate universe where Esme dances to "Party in the U.S.A.," Bella rides a motorcycle...with Kristin Cavallari, and Jane attends classes with Rachel and Finn!

Crushers, where in your mind could you see the cast of "New Moon" fitting in in pop culture?