Demi Lovato Talks 'Upped Romantic Scenes' With Joe Jonas In 'Camp Rock 2,' But Will There Be A Kiss?

If you're young, cute and star in a hit movie alongside another young, cute actor, you best be prepared to deny some serious romance rumors (and we're not just looking at you Kristen and Rob). "Camp Rock" costars Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas understand Robsten's plight (they even have their own portmanteau, Jemi) and much like the "Twilight" duo have denied dating, with Demi even taking to her Twitter to shoot-down the gossip.

Whatever their real-life dating status, the two will be getting cozy in their upcoming sequel "Camp Rock: Final Jam" when it debuts on the Disney Channel next year. When we caught up with Demi on the red carpet at this weekend's American Music Awards we had to know one thing: Do the two finally share a steamy onscreen liplock?

"I don't know. You'll have to watch for it," Demi teased, opting not to kiss and tell, though she did spill a few hints. "We upped the romantic scenes between my character and Joe Jonas'," she added, grinning.

Along with the heightened romance factor, fans of the original can expect even more singing and dancing in the follow-up. "It's stepped up. There's a ton of dancing," Demi revealed. "We had, like, 25 dancers last movie; now there's, like, 60. It's definitely more like a musical."

Are you excited to see "Camp Rock: Final Jam" when it hits the Disney Channel next year?