AMAs Frenzy, 'New Moon' Exhaustion & A 'Cougartown' Scoop In Today's Tweet Dream

This morning Good Charlotte's Joel Madden pondered, "Am i the only one that didn't watch the AMA's?" Rest easy Joel, while the AMA's are still one of today's biggest trend topics on Twitter, you weren't the only one who missed out. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" actress Taraji P. Henson also forgot about the ceremony, posting, "I am slippin on my pimpin! I totally forgot to record the dang on AMA's." For those who did tune it, the jury is still out on the show itself, but it seems performers and attendees had an awfully good time. Adam Lambert (pictured), who made his first performance post-"American Idol," tweeted in the early hours, "Hope u had fun tonight! We did." Demi Lovato told followers the experience of being there was, "So surreal."

Of course, the AMAs weren't the only thing that got a huge response this weekend. Twihards came out in droves to make "New Moon" the number one movie at the box office. The official "Twilight" twitter page thanked fans this afternoon with, "To the greatest & most supportive fans in the world, a heartfelt THANK YOU for making New Moon #1 across the world this weekend!" Meanwhile, the film's stars, who have been on a whirlwind press tour, have decided to take it easy after opening weekend madness. Justin Chon tweeted, "wow....this weekend was crazy....i think ill be tired for at least a week" and Tinsel Korey will be taking a much needed breather by, "Going to play some Mario Kart on Wii! Woot!"

Check out what else had the celebrity Twitterverse buzzing today, including Busy Phillips' dish on the temporary "Cougartown" shut-down and Kellie Pickler divulges in some Twitter TMI. And don't forget you can follow us every day @hollywoodcrush to get all the latest news on your favorite stars!

@busyphillips25 Cougartown was only down for one day- we're back shooting after Thanksgiving. I'll pass along the love for cc!

-Busy Phillips, Actress ("Cougar Town")

@ashleytisdaleGetting ready for Thanksgiving!!!!!

-Ashley Tisdale, Singer, Actress ("Aliens in the Attic")

@heidimontag Whats everyone doing for Thanksgiving ?? I love this time of year !!! I cannot wait to make my FIRST THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER

-Heidi Montag, Reality Star ("The Hills")

@yelyahwilliams If only you could see all the Christmas decorations I'm about to haul out of this store....

-Hayley Williams, Singer (Paramore)

@druiddude i just feel like christmas decorations and songs before thanksgiving is like one holiday cheating on the other.

-Kevin McHale, Actor ("Glee")

@jimcarrey saying something is 'so last year' is 'so 5 min ago' and 'so 5 min ago' was 'so 6 months ago' when I started this message 1min ago. :)}}

-Jim Carrey, Actor ("A Christmas Carol," "Yes Man")

@johncmayer Taylor Swift is like water. You need it to live!

-John Mayer, Musician

@therealpickler Just got my armpit hairs lazered off. Tootle-oo razor!! ;)

-Kellie Pickler, Singer

@judahworldchamp I just got a new ping pong bat.Nobody will ever be able to get a point off me now.

-Judah Friedlander, Comedian, Actor ("30 Rock")

@tonyhawk Sarcasm is a fickle beast on Twitter. We should start a new service: LiteralTwitter. That way we can keep this one fun.

-Tony Hawk, Skateboarder