'New Moon' Premieres in NYC At Cinema Society Event: Red Carpet Recap

Last night, the stars of the month (or should it be year by now?), the cast of "New Moon," took their place in the New York City spotlight by attending the Cinema Society and D&G screening of the movie at the Landmark Sunshine Theater. It was originally supposed to be a "secret" event (is there really such a thing with the "Twilight" franchise anymore?), but plenty of faces from Manhattan's "elite" circles (um, hi, Ivanka Trump) were still there to support the Saga.

Just looking at the photos above (and the ones from the rest of the evening), it seems as though Kristen Stewart was somehow left off the memo that instructed attendees to "please only wear black or shades of cream tonight." Though she did show up to the carpet in a black Burberry trench coat, she eventually took it off to reveal an olive green Valentino dress. We adore the silhouette and the girly frills, but we're not super keen on the color for the actress, who looks a little washed out in it (her eyes, however, look stunning). As for Kristen's boys, both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner chose sleek black Dolce & Gabbana suits, with Rob's, of course, sans tie and unbuttoned at the top.

The Cullen women could have easily worn these same things in any of the "Twilight" movies as each serve the actress and her onscreen alter ego so well. Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed took a cue from the red carpet's sponsor, D&G —, by both wearing dresses from the designer. The Cullen matriarch, Elizabeth Reaser, continued her recent form-fitting-dress trend (like the Herve Leger one she wore in L.A. at Monday night's premiere) with a black number.

Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli (uh, where for art thou Jackson Rathbone?) looked quite sharp in — wait for it! — black suits. Though, does anyone else think Kellan was wearing the same suit he wore to Monday night's premiere (but without a tie)? That's typically a fashion don't, but because he's so gosh darn cute, we're going to let it slide.

A few members of young hollywood (who are, you know, not involved in some way with "Twilight") also turned out for the New York City event. Abigail Breslin wore a casual (yet still black with grey) t-shirt and jeans, and carried a purple purse for a pop of color. Emma Roberts and Taylor Momsen, on the other hand, were adorned in dresses. Emma embraced the one-shouldered trend while Taylor embraced the goth look with a tight black lacy dress. Though we couldn't quite see her entire ensemble because we were too busy staring at all that makeup on her face!

Click on any of the photos above to see our full photo gallery from last night's screening, which also includes apperances by Natalie Portman, model Jessica Stam (in some, well, tacky shoes), Ivanka Trump, MTV's own Alexa Chung and more!

Who gets your vote for best dressed of the night, Crushers? And worst?