'New Moon' Premiere Recovery, Taylor Swift's Favorite Boys & Neil Patrick Harris Top Tweet Dreams

After last night's play-by-play of the "New Moon" premiere in LA (The dresses! The signs! The Pattinson!) we wanted to see how the stars felt after all the premiere madness on Twitter. Jamie Campbell Bower posted on his page, "Wow. Utterly amazing last night was. Thank you to everyone who camped out, showed their support or was there in spirit. Love you. x" and Edi Gathegi (pictured, left) wrote, "Thank you everyone! Last night was spectacular. Hope we do well this weekend. And hope you love the film!" No need to worry there, Edi, we can pretty much foresee both of those things happening. But, the hardcore fans weren't the only ones getting love from last night's festivities, the film's director Chris Weitz (pictured, right) got props from his stars today. After giving kudos to fans, Gil Birmingham gave love to the man at the helm, "Really amazing movie. Chris Weitz is a master." Ditto Tinsel Korey who tweeted, "By the way... the movie was awesome. Wolf Pack rocks! Mr. Weitz you have made an amazing film. :)"

Of course, we've all got to find something to do to kill time until the movie's release this Friday! Luckily, some new tunes dropped today and we know which albums Taylor Swift will be jamming with, "Two of my favorite boys have albums out today: @johncmayer and @justinbieber. Good luck this week!" Both her boys showed their gratitude via Twitter. Justin Bieber, whose album has been climbing the charts steadily all day, took to his Twitter to thank all his followers, "getting alot of congrats and this is a fairytale type messages. Just wanted 2 say thank u 2 all of u for 2day because u made this dream real," while John Mayer wrote a gracious, "It's here - Battle Studies. Having a quiet afternoon filled with gratitude. Thanks everyone for following along..."

Read below for more of today's best celebrity tweets, from deciphering Twitter newbie Neil Patrick Harris' secret language to Whitney Port's dirty little "Twilight" secret. Don't forget to follow us all this week @hollywoodcrush to get all the latest "New Moon" countdown news!

@actuallynph Prfkt. Thx 4 L th advyc evry1. This s a way ezr way 2 cmuNik8. Un42n8ly, itz takn me 3 hrz 2 ryt, but itz much pre4d 2 gtn cut off lyk i u

-Neil Patrick Harris, Actor ("How I Met Your Mother")

@ladygaga Seems as though my twitter was hacked yesterday. I could be angry, except I secretly love how psychotically smart my fans are.

-Lady GaGa, Musician

@zuzannawanda I love Lady Gaga! She was amazing on last night's GG ep, and I can't get the song out of my head!

-Zuzanna Szadkowski, Actress ("Gossip Girl")

@whitneyeveport so, i have to admit something...i haven't read the twilight books-don't get mad... but i hve become weirdly obsessed with the saga...

-Whitney Port, Reality Star ("The City")

@rainnwilson I'm going to write a Vampire series about sexy vampire teens and call it "Like totally Blood, right?"

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Office," "The Rocker")

@adrienne_bailon Wow! I had the craziest twitter nightmares!!! That someone hijacked my twitter and was writing CRAZY things! & I couldn't stop them! SCARY!

-Adrienne Bailon, Singer, Actress ("The Cheetah Girls")

@sherrieshepherd My girlfriend is screaming at me that it's 8:30 a.m. & get off Twitter... she doesn't understand... I can't stoppppp.

-Sherri Shepherd, Actress ("Sherri," "Precious")

@questlove ugh twitter bout to jump the shark w/ this numbered format. why do mofos gotta overdo ish?

-?uestlove, Musician (The Roots)

@mariamenounos getting my hair trimmed rightnow in myhotel...trimming and tweeting. hahah

-Maria Menounos, TV Host ("Access Hollywood")

@emmyrossum I don't "get" chicks who work out in full make-up. The girl next to me on the treadmill had a full-on smokey eye. Now THAT is dedication.

-Emmy Rossum, Actress ("The Phantom of the Opera," "Dare")

@brookehogan why is detailing your own car so much fun?........must be the hose, the bubbles and the sunshine :)

-Brooke Hogan, Reality Star ("Brooke Knows Best")