Joan Jett Talks Kristen Stewart In 'Runaways': She's 'Definitely' Doing Her Own Singing

While all the "New Moon" stars strutted their glory at the L.A. premiere last night, one surprise red carpet appearance was Joan Jett of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts fame. Kristen Stewart will be portraying Joan in the upcoming film "The Runaways" (which also stars Dakota Fanning), and after working with Kristen on the film, Joan couldn't resist coming to the premiere.

"I'd obviously heard about ['Twilight'], but before she was cast as me, I hadn't seen it," Joan told MTV News' Larry Carroll on the red carpet at the "New Moon" L.A. premiere. "Of course, when she was cast as me, I wanted to see the movie, and I've seen everything she's done. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really entertaining, and I'm excited that she was cast as me in 'The Runaways.'"

Kristen is known for how deeply she gets into the psyche of her characters, and it seems she took that to the next level when playing Joan.

"She'd listen to my accent and watch my body language. She's an actress of weight, honesty, integrity and depth, and she's very serious. She takes it as art," Joan said.

In earlier interviews, Kristen had said she wasn't sure if her actual singing would be used in the film, but Joan excitedly confirmed that it would be.

"Oh she's singing. She's definitely doing the singing," Joan said. "During the filming, she was playing guitar. We went through it, I showed her the positions that I play, because some guitar players will use different hand positions as the chords. So I showed her how I played it. She picked it up really well. I'm a lefty too. Not guitar-wise, but in my handwriting. So she switched that up too. She's writing with her left hand. She really, really embodied it."

What do you think of the news that Kristen will be singing?