'New Moon' Mall Tour: Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore Take Over Phoenix

By Rochelle Belsito

Not even Friday the 13th could keep die hard Twilighters from coming out to the Phoenix stop of the “New Moon” Mall Tour. Hundreds of wristband wearing fans gathered in front of Hot Topic for their chance to meet-and-greet Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore. There, the two, who are more affectionately known to fans as Demetri and Felix, signed posters and made the day, month or even year of their worshipers.

But before that autograph signing began, 75 lucky individuals (who had pre-purchased VIP tickets to a Nordstrom’s event) had the chance to get their photo taken with these two rising stars. Among them was 12-year-old Hayley Blakemore, a Phoenix resident who sported her Halloween costume — Rosalie Hale in a Cullen’s baseball team uniform — to the event. Also in attendance was, Brittany McBay, 15, who will be celebrating her sweet sixteen in Forks. By the way, did I mention that she’ll be staying at the Cullen’s house?

The department store was raffling off a red cape worn in ‘New Moon’ during scenes shot in Italy. And if just knowing one of their favorite characters could have been wearing the cape wasn’t incentive enough to enter the drawing, the cape was adorned with some of the cast members signatures as well.

After the photographs were finished, Charlie — who tends to be the comic of two and Cudmore — who is a bit coyer, were ushered to Hot Topic where 500 admirers had the chance to get posters signed, shake hands and a few even received hugs. The crowd, mostly made up of tweens, teens and their mom’s (many “Twilight” fans themselves), entered the store in small groups and soon were face-to-face with the fellows. While many kept their composure in front of the boys, others were squealing in delight and stuttering their words. There was even one child bold enough to dance for the duo.

Once the seemingly never-ending line came to a close, the pair was then driven to the outside setup where hundreds of fans were already gathered for the Q & A session. Before the stars arrived, the crowd was treated to a trivia session where they were awarded prizes for correct answers. While they were happy to win the swag, the real excitement began when Charlie and Daniel took the stage.

Throughout the 30-minute session, the men answered fan-written questions and were nothing less than charming. They even sent girls into frenzies multiple times, except for maybe when Charlie let it be known that the Volturi aren’t really the bad guys in ‘New Moon’. Instead, he calls out one of the fan-favorites by stating, “Edward is the bad guy.” He playfully backs that thought up with a possible spoiler by noting that Edward reveals his identity and puts the entire vampire kingdom at risk.

While the rest of the night brought out the standard questions, there was one that stuck out like a sore thumb — “Do you have an innie or an outtie bellybutton?” — The question was clearly a plot to get Charlie and Daniel to take off their shirts. Sadly, the two didn’t fall for it, but there’s always next time.

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