'Charlie's Angels' Is Coming Back To TV & We Have Three Starlets In Mind For The Job

By Matt Thompson

Who would have thunk it? "Charlie's Angels" is back in full throttle! According to Variety, the concept that originated in 1976 is set to be picked up by ABC. The same guy who adapted the now-defunct Fox series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," Josh Friedman, is set to write and exec produce.

The original show was a hit for five years starring the late, great Farrah Fawcett. That TV show later was adapted into two films starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. Let’s think here. What if Farrah Fawcett had never starred in "Charlie’s Angels", what if Diane Keaton took her spot instead? Or Mia Farrow, maybe? All we know is that if Hollywood Crush were around at the time, we would have had something to say about it!

So, with that being said, we thought it would be rather fascinating to create our own casting suggestions for your personal amusement. After the jump, get ready to hit up the HC Casting Couch once again!

Adrianne Palicki as Jill Munroe (replacing Farrah Fawcett)

Currently, she stars as the town vixen Tyra Collette in "Friday Night Lights." If you are going to fill the role of Jill Munroe you need to be daring, clever and athletic. Who better to fill that role than the vivacious Adrianne? After all, she does star in the aforementioned heavy hitting drama. Here’s our petition for Adrianne turn in the footballs and turn out the guns.

Mila Kunis as Sabrina Duncan (replacing Kate Jackson)

She is the ultimate spunkster. Smart and witty, she’s made us drown in our own laughter kickin’ back in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and That 70’s Show. Mila has always been able to put the pieces together, so solving the mysteries in "Charlie’s Angels" shouldn’t be too far off for her. She even looks like the original star Kate Jackson! C’mon, it’s a perfect match.

Joanna Garcia as Kelly Garrett (replacing Jaclyn Smith)

Joanna has been all over TV as of late. She’s starred in "Reba" from 2001-2007 and "Privileged" in 2008. She just finished up "Gossip Girl," so she’s free as a bird. Kelly Garrett was the only character lucky enough to not get romantically involved with a villainous bad guy. Well, er, Joanna is dating Yankee Nick Swisher — but we can give her a pass.

Who knows if these three girls will be cast, but one thing’s for sure — it would be an amazing launching pad for all of their budding careers!

Who do you think should star in a "Charlie's Angels" TV series?