David Beckham's Makeover, Friday The 13th Fright & A Kardashian Vampire Tops Tweet Dreams

Things feeling a little bit on the eerie side today? Well, in case you forgot today was Friday the 13th, celebs took to their Twitters to remind you about the doom-filled day. "New Moon" wolfpack girl Tinsel Korey tweeted, "it's Friday the 13th....creepy! " and "The Hills" star Lo Bosworth wrote a similar, " friday the 13th...sPooOoOoOky." Of course, leave it to "Vampire Diaries" spooky storyteller Kevin Williamson, to remind us about the man who made this day so terrifying, Jason Voorhees, tweeting, "Just realized it was "Kill, kill, kill, kill..." day. " We'd be mad at Kevin for reminding us about that, but last night's "VD" was great, so, Kev, we'll let that one slide.

While some stars use Twitter to freak us out, others use it as a tool to share good news. Hollywood's go-to man Ryan Seacrest shared how he found out about why David Beckham might start to look more and more like Brad Pitt (pictured right with David). Ryan posted, "David Beckham just called...i asked why he grew the beard...he said 'I saw Brad Pitt & thought he looked really good'" Bearded or not, we'll take either version of both guys! But, Seacrest wasn't the only one bringing good news, "New Moon" star Peter Facinelli made Michigan's fans' day by letting them know, "Going 2 b at Frenchtown Square Mall in Monroe,Michigan tomorrow Nov14 signing autographs. noon -5. 2121 north Monroe street. Come visit"

Check out the rest of Friday's most memorable celebrity tweets (find out which Kardashians became part of Jamie Kennedy's vampire club!) and be sure to follow us all weekend @hollywoodcrush so you can stay up-to-date on all the latest on your favorite stars.

@jamiekennedy http://twitpic.com/pduzl - guys im serious about my vampire club, its building each day, here my next 2 memebers. lets go

-Jamie Kennedy, Comedian, Actor ("Ghost Whisperer")

@nikkiblonsky1 ok so my official hollywood crush today is the lead singer from THE KINGS OF LEON :)

-Nikki Blonsky, Actress ("Valemont," Hairspray")

@nickcannon Bumping that new @justinbieber album! The song Bigger is a smash!

-Nick Cannon, TV Host ("America's Got Talent")

@rachellerefevre Pretty sure ur going 2 need the jaws of life to pry me from my leggings

-Rachelle Lefevre, Actress ("Twilight," "New Moon")

@riverscuomo Sweat pants are addictive.

-Rivers Cuomo, Musician (Weezer)

@ericstonestreet I'm at subway. It is delicious.

-Eric Stonestreet, Actor ("Modern Family")

@78violet Mmmm eating at the delecious Subway! :) I am one happy girl.

-Aly Michalka, Singer, Actress ("Bandslam")

@mark_consueloes wiiiindy in nyc, just saw dorothy, a house, and that dog fly by my window

-Mark Consuelos, Actor ("All My Children")

@lalavazquez How do u guys feel about sunglasses indoors? I'm always on the fence w/that one... Most of twitterville doesn't approve of sunglasses indoors...u guys been saying it looks like ur hiding something!

-LaLa Vazquez, TV Host ("TRL," "Direct Effect")

@jasonmraz ? Of the day. What are you afraid to let go of? What is your secret power?--ü--ü---------

-Jason Mraz, Musician