'New Moon' Mall Tour: Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campbell Bower Bust Out In A Miley Cyrus Tune In Georgia

By Haley Murphy

The sunlight didn't stop vampires from coming outside to the stage of the Mall of Georgia courtyard yesterday as “New Moon” stars Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius) stopped in the dirty south to sign some autographs and tell fans how they really feel about Robert Pattinson.

Outside of the Mall of Georgia, hundreds of fans kept busy getting free makeovers and vampire teeth from “Hot Topic” while waiting for the cast to arrive.

The hundreds of blood curdling screams were of no surprise to me, but the die hard "Twilight" Mom's were something I had yet to see. One mother and daughter bought matching “Bella bracelets” and even found an “Addicted to Twilight” book for moms (pictured below). The pair had traveled from Tennessee and nearly passed out when meeting Edi and Jamie! They said this was “a special thing they can love together.” A few of the "Twilight" moms in the crowd didn't even come with their children, the others were there for themselves! (I wonder if they know that Jamie is only 20-years-old?)

I was lucky enough to get into the VIP room before the signing began and had some time to see both Edi and Jamie behind the scenes — Edi took time to shake hands with everyone backstage while Jamie ran straight for the crowd causing a huge wave of that oh so painful "Twilight" screaming.

Fans filed one by one to meet the boys and some weren't afraid to tell them exactly how they felt. While one fan asked for James' hand in marriage, another reprimanded Edi for being “a mean vampire,” and told him he should not hurt Bella. When one fan asked if they were Team Edward or Jacob, Edi admitted he was an Edward fan all the way! This wasn't the only "New Moon" competition going on. As fans chanted for “Laurent” (Edi's character), Jamie stood on his chair until the crowd began chanting “Caius."

After signing over 500 autographs, the boys took time to answer some of MTV's own questions and told me their favorite part of being part of "Twilight" was seeing their fans and appreciating how much they make their job worthwhile (insert your awwws here!).

Outside of the autograph booth, fans lined the stage as the boys got ready for some personal questions from the fans. Several girls asked about Jamie's role in the upcoming "Harry Potter" films, which was followed by one fan asking for James to “please please please marry me!” While Jamie confessed that he was “married to England” he didn't hesitate to hug some of his most dedicated fans — some of whom waited more than six hours to see them.

One fan asked the vampires if they were anything like their characters in the movie, and Edi was quick to reply: “No, not at all! If I saw him (Laurent) on the street I would definitely cross to the other side.” But, he later admitted that he liked playing the villain because “being bad is sexy.”

Jamie on the other hand joked that he was very much like Caius and that he “enjoyed eating human beings!”

When it came to Robert Pattison, both Edi and Jamie said in unison. “He's Ugly!” — SAY WHAT? We sense a hint of jealousy. Jamie later redeemed himself and said that Robert was “an incredible guy and just stunning!”

The event wrapped up with fans begging Jamie to sing for the crowd since he is the lead singer and guitarist of the band “The Darling Bud”. To everyone's surprise, Jamie busted out singing Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" with Edi doing his back up vocals!

As their car drove them onward towards their next stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, I got totally ambushed by "Twilight" fans! Someone even stole my autographed poster! Total mania!

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