'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Episode 9, 'History Repeating'

Aha, "Vampire Diaries" viewers! I knew all along Damon had to have some sort of powerfully emotional ulterior motive behind his evil actions. We learned last night, through the informational reveal of Bonnie's lineage, exactly why he returned to Mystic Falls — for love, of course.

Bonnie had another dream so realistic that she woke up in the cemetery in her pajamas. She was following a woman, Emily, through the woods. As Emily turned around, she implored Bonnie to help her with something. "This is where it started, and this is where it has to end. Help me!" Bonnie was so scared and tired of Emily haunting her that she threw the crystal away.

Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline got together for a girls' night (kind of like the ones they have in real life, I'd imagine), the ladies apologized for their feuding, Bonnie told Caroline that she's a witch (which took a little convincing), and Caroline decided they should hold a séance to tell Emily to stop haunting Bonnie. Can you say "backfire"? Emily didn't talk to Bonni ... she possessed her.

Meanwhile, Stefan, between giving Elena wistful looks and loving her too much to actually be with her, tried to sweeten up Damon enough to confess his true reason for being home. There was a cute back-and-forth where they pretended to be each other (brotherly banter is my favorite), but Damon wouldn't spill until everyone ended up in the woods where the old Falls Church used to be.

Turns out, Emily had been Katherine's handmaiden. Emily vowed to keep Katherine safe during the Mystic Falls vampire persecution, so she used the crystal to seal Katherine in a tomb below the burning church. Meaning: Katherine wasn't dead. She was trapped, and Damon knew it. But the reason Emily had come back was because in order to save Katherine, she had to save the other vampires too —l as in mean, evil ones. They were all locked in the tomb with Katherine, and Emily didn't want to be responsible for releasing their evil into the world again. She drew a pentagram on the ground with a stick, ignited it with her witchy powers, and threw the crystal in the air, where it exploded. After, Bonnie stood alone in the middle of the pentagram. Damon was so enraged, that he lunged and bit Bonnie in the neck. Stefan fought him off and gave Bonnie some of his blood to recover. Damon, utterly and completely crushed, tearfully said, "I’ll leave now."

In side plot news, the new history teacher (Matthew Davis) got off to a mysterious start. He first taught the students how to say his name. "You'll probably want to pronounce it ALaric, but it's AlARic. You can call me Ric." Ah, so he's the hip, young teacher. Further proof: he uncovered Mr. Tanner's "Jackass File," which turned out to be all about how Jeremy was a ne'er-do-well, and yet he still gave Jer a chance to up his grade by writing an extra credit paper on something local. Coincidentally, Jeremy introduced Ric to Jenna, and they hit it off. They talked about their sad backstories — Rick's wife died, Jenna was wronged by her ex — and the proverbial sparks flew. Rick ended up walking Jenna home. Of course, he's a gentleman, so he didn't want her to invite him in. Combine that little tidbit with a close-up of his ring, and we're probably supposed to think he's a vampire.

Caroline and Matt had a flirtatious encounter of their own. You may recall that Matt carried a drunk Caroline home and stayed in her bed last week. At school, Caroline went off at him for leaving before she woke up. Matt shot her down, saying it was all in her head, but surprised her at the end of the episode by showing up and giving an awkward speech about how he didn't really like her much (guys, that's so not how you woo a lady) but he really liked cuddling. Then they sat on the bed and ate junk food (little known fact: that's totally is how you woo a lady).

The episode ended with two major events: Elena telling Bonnie the truth about the vampires (Stefan, after all, left her in tears when he said he needed to leave Mystic Falls because he didn't want to inclict anymore trouble), and Jenna's ex, Logan, standing on the front porch, asking to be let in. From next week's previews, I think it's safe to say Logan is now a vampire.

How action-packed was last night's episode? Were you happy to finally learn Damon's true motives? How exciting are the potential storylines involving Alaric?