'Glee' Stars Lea Michele And Cory Monteith Reveal Which Characters They Want To See Hookup

First there was Quinn and Finn. Then it was Finn and Rachel. And Rachel and Puck. Then Puck and Quinn, and once again Quinn and Finn (it always comes full circle, doesn't it?). But those hookups aren't the only ones the cast of "Glee" want to see steaming up the hallways of McKinley High school.

In fact when Rachel and Finn themselves (Lea Michele and Cory Monteith) stopped by MTV News last week to gossip about the show and its powerhouse soundtrack, we got them to spill on a classmate they're hoping finds a love match.

"I would really like to see Kurt have a relationship," Lea said. "I don't think Puck is the right guy for him for sure — sorry Mark [Salling]!"

We already know — thanks to EW's cover story on the series — that Kurt will be revealing his lust for Finn, but Lea avoided giving us any more spoilers on that end and decided to take Puck out of the future for Kurt instead. "[Puck] has enough baby drama, literally, on the show right now, but I would love to see Kurt find some love"

Who else should be hit by a "Glee"-sized cupid's arrow? "Merecedes, too," Lea adds. "I think that would be an awesome storyline."

Cory agrees just as simply as his alter-ego Finn would: "Yeah."

What relationships are you rooting for on "Glee"? Who would you set Kurt up with if you could?