Robert Pattinson Starring In A Coca-Cola Commercial Soon?

His dazzling mug graces book covers, Barbie dolls and even a creepy shower curtain, but has "Twilight" hunk Robert Pattinson ever actually been asked to endorse a product? We couldn't help but wonder when we caught up recently with the 23-year-old.

"Um," he said, thinking about his answer. "Yeah." But don't expect Rob to shill for Hertz Rent-a-Car or join your mobile calling circle anytime soon. For now, the actor is turning down such requests. "I think it's a little early to start selling out," he added with a laugh.

If Rob does ever decide to "sell out," he'll certainly be in good company joining the ranks of mega-watt endorsers including Beyonce (L'Oreal), Drew Barrymore (CoverGirl), Madonna (Louis Vuitton) and Matthew McConaughey (Stetson).

In fact, Rob's already getting practice, unwittingly crafting what could be one of the best ad campaigns for a certain bubbly beverage, ever. "I kind of unintentionally endorse Coca-Cola," he explained. "I drink it...I'm drinking it all the time, constantly. I [guess] I endorse a lot of products, but without getting paid for it." Now that's the kind of Diet Coke break I can get behind.

Do you think Rob should ever star in a commercial? If so, for what?