Fox Cancels 'Dollhouse'-- Remaining Episodes Will Still Air

FROM MOVIES BLOG: "Dollhouse" fans, the news you've been dreading has officially arrived — Joss Whedon's latest television endeavor is dead.

The Hollywood Reporter has the breaking news that Fox has canceled "Dollhouse," the Eliza Dushku-starring series created by Whedon. The article notes that despite a DVR-induced ratings bump, "Dollhouse" just couldn't cut it by the network's standards. As a result, the series will be put out to pasture after the 13th episode of the second season. Episode 11 is currently filming.

If the ratings and the mixed reaction from fans and reviewers weren't proof enough that "Dollhouse" was in trouble, the very fact that Fox pulled the series from November sweeps was a clear indicator of the show's impending cancellation.

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