'New Moon' World Premieres Keep On Trucking: Robert, Kristen & Taylor Head To London

It's around the world in 80 almost 20 days for the "New Moon" cast. While our favorite Volturi, Cullen and Wolf Pack members continue to hit up Hot Topic's and Nordstrom's across the nation on a mall tour (Chicago and New Jersey were among the stops yesterday), the "big three" (as we like to call them in these parts) — Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson — and director Chris Weitz have been shipped off to various exotic locations.

So far they've been able to check Japan, Brazil and Paris off there list. And even though the departure from France of (cough cough) two of those aforementioned stars caused quite a stir this morning when we all noticed they were — gasp! — holding hands, we're beginning to think that headline may get a little buried when people start scratching their heads trying to decide whether Kristen's bold Proenza Schouler outfit is totally chic or totally eek! We love the fact that she's decided to put her typical black and cream colors away to embrace a colorful palette (plus her hair and makeup look flawless), but we really can't make a decision about the seemingly clashing top and bottom. Meanwhile, Taylor looked posh and Robert looked,well, very Robert.

Click on the photo below to see our continuously growing collection of photos from "New Moon" around the world!

Tell us honestly: Do you like Kristen's ensemble? Why or why not?