Veteran's Day Honors, The CMA's & 'New Moon' Injuries Top Today's Tweet Dreams

As the nation honors those who have served for our country, celebs took to their Twitter pages to pay their respects on this Veteran's Day. Matchbox Twenty crooner Rob Thomas posted, "to all of the men and women of our military who have sacrificed and to their families who waited for them to come home safe, thank you," while "ER" actor and current Broadway star John Stamos (pictured) shared a similar sentiment, writing on his page, "my love, respect and thanks to all those who serve or have served and thank you to your familes for all of your sacrifices." For some, today's holiday has a much deeper meaning, like for that of "New Moon" star Gil Birmingham who shared, "As the son of someone who served in the military, I know the work and sacrifices our soldiers and their families make for this country." On behalf of all of us at Hollywood Crush, we too would like to thank all those who have served our country. Happy Veterans Day to you all.

We're sure there will be mention of the holiday at tonight's Country Music Awards, which the stars have been gearing up for all day. Jennette McCurdy was anxious for the ceremony, tweeting, "I've got butterflies in my stomach - can't wait for CMAs tonight!," while cool-as-a-cucumber Taylor Swift (hey, after Kanye and "SNL" the girl has nothing left to sweat!) got ready in an unorthodox fashion, "Getting all pumped up for the CMA's, blasting timbaland 'morning after dark' in the dressing room. PARTY!!"

Keep reading below for more of today's best celebrity tweets, including Charlie Bewley taking a post-mall visit spill, Justin Bieber 'fessing up about least favorite subject in school and Ashley Greene bumping into her own magazine cover. Don't forget you can always follow us @hollywoodcrush to get all the latest news in the world of entertainment!

@thealexmeraz landed in Miami. Dowloaded Pac-man to my iPhone for the flight. Damn that's still the only game that makes my heart race & my palms sweat.

-Alex Meraz, Actor ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@nellyfurtado I miss Miami! Miami, te extrano!!!!!!!

-Nelly Furtado, Singer

@alchemission just murdered the Rocky Steps in Philli... just before the steps murdered my ankle. fml.

-Charlie Bewley, Actor ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@justinbieber i stink at math! ughhh.

-Justin Bieber, Singer

@theellenshow Sometimes soup makes me sneeze.

-Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian, TV Host ("The Ellen DeGeneres Show")

@ashleymgreene Walking through the airport... Saw my maxim... Didn't even know it was on stands! Go check it out :).

-Ashley Greene, Actress ("Twilight," "New Moon")

@kendrawilkinson didnt know i was on the cover of INTOUCH again..soo cool!! lol! Ill never get used to seein myself on a cover..lolol -Kendra Wilkinson, Reality Star ("Kendra")

@jon_favreau Watched the beginning of Up again with my family this morning. I cried like baby. My three year looked at me like I was crazy.

-Jon Favreau, Director, Actor ("Couples Retreat," "Iron Man")

@brookeburkeI'm with 20 kids at a bowling alley. So fun! My 2 yr old just said she needed CASH! I'm in trouble.

-Brooke Burke, Model, Reality Star ("Dancing with the Stars")

@nickyhilton Is it just me or does this week seem to be going by verrry slooooow?

-Nicky Hilton, Heiress, Designer