Onlsaught Of 'New Moon' Talk Show Appearances Begin With Alex Meraz On 'Rachel Ray'

Alex Meraz's wife is one lucky lady. Not only is she married to the exceptionally attractive (and talented) "New Moon" actor, but she'll soon have a tricked out kitchen courtesy of Rachael Ray. All her husband had to do was go on "The Rachael Ray Show," mention how big of a fan she is, and Rachael vowed to outfit the Meraz family with cookware. Apparently, when it comes to the cooking maven-turned-daytime talk show host, flattery will get you everywhere. (Note to all future Rachael Ray guests: compliment the host profusely. It will pay off in the form of cookbooks and kitchenware.)

Rachael Ray kicked off the "New Moon" countdown to November 20 talk show bonanza (yes, Hollywood Crush will be covering all the cast appearances on talk shows under our handy feature "Twilight Watch") with Alex's appearance on her show, and grilled the actor on his "Twilight" experience. Alex said his history with dance and martial arts helped prepare him for the role of Wolf Pack member Paul. "He's volatile, he's scrappy, he just carries his weight differently. He's a fighter. I thought it was so appropriate with my background."

Another thing Alex could've done to prepare for his role in "New Moon" was parade around half-naked all the time, because it seems like that's how people want to see him. "I'm shirtless always. As soon as I got 'Twilight' it was 'Don't wear any clothes — just shorts — and you'll be fine.'"

Though throngs of screaming girls surrounding her husband could make a woman a little jealous, Alex said his wife is his "biggest supporter." Their 19-month-old son, Somak, helps keep him grounded. "He has a massive head. When he walks, he looks like he's kind of drunk, he's trying to balance himself."

Though I set my DVR expecting Alex to be on today's show, the three unsuspecting superfans whom Rachael gave makeovers to look like Bella, Rosalie, and Alice (including spot-on hairstyles) had no idea he was there. So when he came out and hugged them, all they could do to react was stand there with their mouths hanging open in shock. Adorable!

Did you catch Alex on Rachael Ray's show this morning? Are you excited for the "New Moon" cast members to be all over your television for the next week and a half? Does the fact that Alex is a devoted family man make him seem even hotter to you, too?