Kelly Cutrone Evaluates Her 'City' And 'Hills' Employees' Work Ethics

Kelly Cutrone has had the distinct pleasure of bossing around girls on both coasts during her tenure as PR boss, on BOTH "The City" and "The Hills." Currently, Kelly spends her weeks teaching Whitney Port the ropes in NYC, but she has also had the honor of doing the same with Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt back in L.A.

So, which cast comes out on top in terms of work ethic? The winner: the girls in NYC.

"Well I mean I think that the employees of 'The Hills' that worked with me and then the ones from 'The City' are really the same," she said, but then quickly noted the several key distinctions between these two types of employees.

"An L.A. person is much more laid back. They kick it. They come to work from 9-6 and they're really f***ed off if they don’t go to lunch like we saw with Stephanie Pratt, who f***ed up my photo shoot," she said. "Whereas in New York, people come to work at 9 a.m. and their workday ends at midnight or one [a.m.] and they see that as part of them growing and a great learning experience for them."

Well, they do say that New York is the city that never sleeps.